The Evergreen® Press - Portable French Press

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This Evergreen® Press is a unique accessory that coffee and nature lovers will fall in love with. It is a mix between a thermal bottle and a standard French press. It will basically allow you to make coffee or tea the traditional French press way, and then keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours inside (or cold for 24 hours). The capacity is 400 mL or 14 ounces.

Contrary to traditional French presses, the Evergreen® Press can be turned upside down and thanks to its internal filter mechanism, the coffee ground will remain completely separated from the coffee. On top of that, it has been designed to prevent any leak, to make sure you can carry it with you without worries when you are going on a hike in the mountain or doing sport in nature.

Following the Evergreen principles, the Press is made of stainless steel 304 of the highest quality that will make it last for ages.